Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29
{210/365} I met my friend Mindi back in college. She applied to be a dj at the campus radio station and I was the Training Director at the time...apparently I didn't let her train the first time she applied (sorry know I love you)! So, that's how our story began about 20 years ago. We have remained good friends throughout the years despite living far from each other. Although she's originally a Bronx girl, she lived in Florida for the longest time and recently moved to Texas! Each year she travels back East with her husband Scott and daughter Shaina, to visit family. Luckily Scott's family is in NJ and Mindi's Aunt lives a couple of towns over from me. Our visits are usually short but we'll take what we can get. Today Emily had camp but was able to spend a bit of time with Shaina before they had to leave. They had a great time playing and were both so patient posing for photos (that's what you get when your moms are obsessive scrapbookers). Liam on the other hand...not so patient! ;)
Tuesday, July 28
{209/365} Four years ago when I went to my first Creating Keepsakes convention, I decided to enter a layout contest. The theme was "The Colors Of..." and I worked on my layout for months, making it quite complex . I ended up winning and it was so exciting! The prizes were great although I never did receive the check they promised (but THAT'S a long story). I took the next year off and entered the Paper Crafts card contest last year. I won that too! So this year I thought I would try one more time. To be honest, the prizes really stink now and I know I won't get my cards back (my cards are too interactive to just provide color copies)....but I enter anyway. I sort of do it to challenge myself. Tonight I'm working on the inside of the card, the outside was inspired by a card I did for the CK Camp a couple of weeks ago. I guess I sort of "scraplifted" from myself! I'll know if I won by Saturday afternoon...we'll see!
Monday, July 27
{208/365} This is the fourth year Emily will be going to Lindgren Camp. It's a strange little camp with many different areas fairly close together. In the center there is a giant sand pit where they run water so the kids can play. They believe kids should be kids and get dirty! Emily is not interested in getting dirty however, all she wants is to swim all day. That's fine with me...if she wants to do a little art, a little pottery and a whole lot of swimming...this camp is worth every penny!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sunday, July 26
{207/365} First the good the end of the day, this room was clean. The bad news is that it took and ENTIRE day to do it! At the end of June I started noticing that Emily's room was getting more and more messy. At first it was near her desk, then it travelled to her dresser and eventually I had trouble walking from the door to her bed. I didn't have time to clean it at the time so I kept asking her to pick a few things up. Yeah right! I mentioned that she would probably get bugs (OK, that was a lie and a low blow but I was desperate) so she slept with a brighter light on at night. I mentioned that she couldn't have any play dates in her room so she said she would play in the basement. UGH!! I didn't even have a trip or a toy to hold over her head. Tomorrow she starts camp and I just couldn't take it anymore...I gave in. At least she's a good kid and has been terrific all summer. Yes, that's how I justify my defeat. ;)
Saturday, July 25
{206/365} Emily's creativity continues to amaze me...and amuse me! Welcome to Emily and Liam's "cozy home". This tent is no ordinary tent, it comes complete with rooms (actually they are "corners" of the tent) and a "sleeping tunnel" (which Frank calls the habitrail") leading into the cabinet and Liam's activity cube. Inside the cozy home you will find a fold out Diego couch, a "play area" with Tickle Me Elmo, a toy dog and a bag full of Fisher Price balls and a "library" with several books such as Yo Gabba Gabba, Goodnight Moon and Dora.. There is also a Fisher Price phone just in case they need to make a call. ;) The tunnel is the bedroom complete with a pillow and a bucket full of small, Carter's receiving blankets just in case they get cold. They had a ball going in and out of this thing ALL DAY LONG! Yep, creative AND amusing!
Friday, July 24
{205/365} I had to sneak this photo for fear the two teen wannabees would scream..."no photos please"! Ah Emily and Maeve...on August 6, 2004 I took a photo of two, three year old kids swinging on that red double swing. Both had their hair in a bob and neither had feet that could touch the ground. They met in Gymboree at such a young age and then took dance and last year, gymnastics. This will be the first year they won't share an activity together....and I won't have that quality time with my good friend Tracy It sort of breaks my heart but I hope there will be more play dates and fun moments like this one...somehow we'll keep these two old friends together. ;)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Thursday, July 23
{204/365} This may not be the best photo but it was too good to pass up! Now that Frank has started working again, we are back to the same awful schedule as before. Early mornings and late nights with little chance to see the family. In the summer however, we tend to stay up way too late and well, get up late too. Today, Liam took a late afternoon nap and was completely hyper all night. Tonight Frank got home around 11pm and when he walked in, there was Liam, running around as if it were 11am! While that's not necessarily a good thing, Frank was so happy to see his little boy and swooped him up for a little late night "hugaroo". :)
Wednesday, July 22
{203/365} Emily used her high chair and crib for the longest time. While other kids were in toddler beds at two, I happily kept her in (and she stayed there) until she was three. Although I can't remember when we stopped using the high chair, I'm sure it was around the same time. Liam of course is nothing like his sister. ;) Thankfully he has yet to discover the joys of climbing out of his crib...a fact I refuse to even mention in his presence ;) The high chair on the other hand seems to be heading into the background a bit. This week for the first time he just climbed on the chair at the table instead of heading to the high chair. (He also won't be using that chair therapy anymore). I love this sweet photo of him eating like a "big boy". What makes me laugh however is the fact that his hand is blurry, proving that this kid can eat FAST when he's hungry!
Tuesday, July 21
{202/365} Many of my 365 photos have revolved around Liam's therapy. When you have an Autistic child, therapy just becomes part of everyday life. I can't say that it's always easy, but I can say as a mom I do what I have to do. My 365 could not be complete without a photo of Liam working with his therapist, Nicole. I don't know what the future holds but when I look back years from now, she will always be his first therapist and therefore very important to me. Today they moved from the dining room table to a smaller table I put together last night. Liam took to it right away and looked excited as he "played" there. Hopefully by the time he grows out of this table, the challenges he has will just be a distant memory. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Monday, July 20
{201/365} When Riley was a pup (after she crate trained), she slept next to me in my bedroom. Frank always had to get up really early so when the alarm went off, little Riley would bound off of her bed and try with all of her pup strength to jump on Frank. ( We still have scratches on our then brand new bed frame to prove that) He would hit the snooze and once that radio turned on, it signaled Riley to pounce again and again and again. "Riley, go to your bed!" would be said over and over and this routine would continue each day. This morning I looked over at my Riley, still on my side but in a different bedroom. Laying on a giant blanket far more comfy than the nicer looking dog bed that lies beneath it. Snoozing through the alarms now and the trips to the bathroom and the late night checks on the kids. It's 10am and there she is, sleeping as long as she possibly can. This photo reminded me of the "old days" of boundless energy and then I realized, we are both sort of similar now...not too old but old enough to want to sleep late and longing for all that energy we once had. :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunday, July 19
{200/365} As a kid, I can remember a toy called "Sit 'N Spin". It was basically a large round piece of plastic with a "wheel" type thing on it. You would sit on it and sort of turn the wheel and spin around and around. As a child, somehow you can spin, only risking that dizzy feeling....which was fun of course. I don't remember when it happened...perhaps on the "teacups" at Disney World...that I realized, spinning is just not as much fun as an adult! What was once an exciting dizzy feeling, has turned to nausea never to be attempted again. Is it gravity or something?? LOL I reflected on the phenomena as I watched Emily spinning Liam on my office chair. The two of them giggled for about 10 minutes and somehow neither got sick to their stomach's!
Saturday, July 18
{199/365} Emily and I had a great time at the Creating Keepsakes Camp this week. In addition to a weekly contest, they had daily project ideas. We both made frames and Emily made a fabric covered cork board. Unfortunately, we didn't get to everything BUT enjoyed what we could do. By Friday I hadn't decided if I would enter the camp contest, not knowing what I would do. Then it came to me very early this morning. We had to do a project inspired by (or actually make) lanyard, God's Eye, wooden necklaces, pine cone bird feeder or tie-dye. I thought, what if I used Emily's "Spin Art"with acrylic and alcohol ink...would that look like tie dye? In fact, it did! I backed the acrylic with white card stock and made a faux wooden necklace out of chip board (complete with crushed eyelets instead of beads). I put it all together to use for Emily's camp album this year. It was fun to make! I'm not sure if I'll win but winners will be announced on Monday, July 27th.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday, July 17
{198/365} I am so far from having a "green thumb" that my thumb is practically clear. ;) Although I love a home grown tomato or beautiful flowers, I'm not one to grab a shovel or dig my hands in the dirt. I really enjoy the gardens of others and can certainly appreciate how much work goes into such a thing! For me however, it's a struggle to keep a plant alive in the kitchen. Imagine Emily's surprise when I told her we were going to the garden center today! We have an empty garden window and a very sad looking deck so I thought it was time to spruce them up. She was in heaven and kept telling me how much she loves flowers. When we left she said "you are NOT my mother" because we actually bought some plants! Such a wise guy, I wonder where she gets that from?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday, July 16
{197/365} I've always been a "night owl"...since the day I was born. My Mom tells me stories about her having friends over when I was a toddler, the adults would sit around the table and there I was, gnawing on a bagel. Eventually she would have to put me in my crib with a bunch of pacifiers and toys because she needed a break! I didn't mind. In 7th grade I had a bad case of pneumonia and with that, I got a TV in my room....which was never taken out. I was told not to watch but I remember still being awake at midnight when "The Young One's" were on MTV. Then there were the old black and white shows like "Ben Casey" (I would be SHOCKED if anyone has ever seen that) that I was obsessed with very late at night. I loved to read and write and create at night. So here is the insomniac monster I've created. It's 11:30 and she still isn't sleeping. She had a lot to do and sleep really cramps her style. Ah the summer! During the school year I have to fight for her to go into bed by 9:15 and even then it takes her a while to fall asleep (and somehow her butt gets right out of bed in the morning). Camp starts soon and our routine will return. Until then I'm sort of letting her get away with it...because I can totally relate.
Wednesday, July 15
{196/365} At first glance it looks as if Riley is wearing a scarf in this photo. Although technically she is, the scarf was not actually placed there, it was thrown there. While outside today Emily was playing with this scarf and gave it to me to hold. In turn I wore it and when I came inside to quickly change a sleepy baby (don't wake up...please!!), I threw the scarf out into the hall. I ran downstairs with Riley close behind and realized that the scarf had landed on the pooch. It reminded me of how much lands on this dog...Cheerios, cheese, french fries...we have been known to find rice on her the day after we had it for dinner! My favorite are the scraps of paper, stickers, tape and little blue tabs (the scrappers know what these are) she wears on a daily basis. My Riley girl... such a good sport, such a great dog. :)
Tuesday, July 14
{195/365} When I found out that Liam was a boy, Emily was hanging out at the mall with her grandma. Of course she "ordered" a sister so when I called to break the news that she would have a brother, she sounded a bit disappointed. I then explained how lucky she was to have a baby brother...she would always be the "princess" and would never have to share her girly toys. She bought that. ;) What she didn't quite grasp was the fact that the tiny baby would soon become a toddler and touch and eat anything not nailed down. All Polly Pockets and toys with small parts had to be hidden and only taken out when tiny hands couldn't grab them. While Liam was asleep today, Emily quickly fished out one of the "forbidden" games...a magnetic building toy. We had a great time building and knocking down our creations and eventually Emily designed a fun pyramid home for Liam's Fisher Price fireman. She thought Liam would love it. That little boy may have been out of site but he's never out of mind. :)
Monday, July 13
{194/365} Each summer Emily goes to day camp for four weeks. It starts towards the end of July leaving us about four weeks of unscheduled days. We love to sleep in but we also schedule play dates, go shopping, cook, play and of course we love to create...anything! This summer I wanted to try some new crafty projects which I admit, I haven't done just yet. That's why I was excited when Creating Keepsakes (online) announced that they were having a "summer camp" this week! Each day they will post new challenges, contests and recipes for us to try. Today is day one and we were challenged to create picture frames and a fabric covered cork message board. As our frames were drying and before I put together the boards, we decided to try the first recipe, "ants on a log". It was the perfect snack for Emily to put together...celery, peanut butter and raisins. She had never tried this before but gave this recipe a "thumbs up"!
Sunday, July 12
{193/365} Today I'll cheat a little (like I did in February) and pay tribute to my amazing Nanny Edie. Edith was my Dad's mother who passed away in 1993 at the age of 70. She was the sweetest grandma and would have been an amazing kids would have LOVED her! (Emily was actually named after her) When I think of my grandmother I remember...a freezer full of matzo ball soup, playing Scrabble and Michigan Rummy, her button collection, the 8-track tapes of Tom Jones and plastic lemons in a wicker basket. I also remember the pull out couch I used to sleep on (when I slept over) and the sound the floor made as she tip toed around the apartment. I loved those days and would give anything for just one more moment. I would have loved to have known her as an adult and had the opportunity to hear more about her life. Happy Birthday to the coolest Nanny, we lost her way too soon...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday, July 11
{192/365} When I visited the Liberty Science Center on Monday I was particularly interested in the "Skyscraper!" exhibit. There were many gigantic photos of various skyscrapers throughout the country as well as descriptions of each one. As I walked throughout the dim room, one giant rusted steel beam stopped me in my tracks. Below was the following description..."The City, The Nation And The World, Remember The Twin Towers. Many people have found ways to commemorate the towers and the people who died there. Some collect stories about the WTC, both before and after 9/11. They offer a way to connect and grieve with those who have suffered. Others remember and celebrate the beauty and excitement that the towers brought to the city for nearly 30 years". I stood there staring and thinking about how empty that skyline was when we drove in. Manhattan was my home for so long and I had visited those towers so many times. I got that familiar lump in my throat, the one I had that day almost 8 years ago and so many times after. Then I turned a corner to witness a steel column completely bent as if it were a pipe cleaner. It served as a support for one of the towers and completely took my breath away. At about 3am this morning I came up with an idea. I've wanted to do a 9/11 project for some time now, writing down my memories and adding photos that I collected at that time. I worked a scrapbook up in my mind and when I woke up this morning I jotted down some notes and a quick sketch. I need my children to understand what happened that day and why it was so significant.... I think it's important. Then it occurred to me. How interesting would it be to encourage others to do the same? I feel inspired by those words written below that beam and I hope others will as well. (I started a new blog for this project...Creative Reflections of 9/11...come do a project with me!)
Friday, July 10
{191/365} When Liam started eating baby food there wasn't much he wouldn't eat. Fruits, vegetables, meats...everything was OK for the most part and we never had to worry if he was hungry. Eventually he ate more solid food with an couldn't be too crunchy or too big. So, while other kids were snacking on Cheerios or a gnawing on a piece of bagel, Liam would simply ignore them. It was slightly annoying not being able to give him a little something while food shopping or at the mall but there wasn't much I could do. Things changed around the time we started therapy and he finally discovered the wonderful world of Gerber puffs, yogurt treats and crackers...especially Goldfish Crackers. This came in handy for his therapy and to tide him over between meals. The only problem now? He has stopped wanting the "real" food he used to love and now only likes french fries and those darn fishies! Hopefully this is just a phase and I haven't created a monster. Tonight he was having a little snack after the dinner he never ate. (One positive note, he "fed" his dino one of the crackers. This is something our kiddo has never done before...and for Liam it's a really big thing).
Thursday, July 9
{190/365} Yesterday afternoon I noticed Emily writing a note and cutting up small pieces of paper. At one point she put on lipstick and started kissing the paper...but I sort of just let it happen, no questions asked because she is always creating something. She mentioned that she was making something for daddy and leaving it for him to find after work. She set it all up and with the evening craziness in my house I didn't even notice what she did...until this morning. The note (in her handwriting) reads: "Dear Daddy, today is 7\8th\09\wed. I love you and miss you. Please rite [write] me and pote [put] it in frunt [front] of my room! (XOXOXOXO) Love, your little girl! Em With this she added a picture of the two of them holding hands. She gave him a few gifts as well. There is a bag labeled "a bag of kisses" and inside are the cut up pieces of paper, each with a kiss. A toy shovel from Liam, a ball from Emily and a pen from me. Last but not least a napkin that read "to daddy, I love you" and an invitation..."we have a familley [family] party on the 12th of July"...and below a big "Maybe!" Gotta love that kid!
Wednesday, July 8
{189/365} ABA is "Applied Behavior Analysis" and the type of therapy we do each day with Liam. Liam learns less from the environment than your average child and although he is capable of learning, a more structured environment is necessary. Hence, ABA. Through various exercises, we observe and measure Liam's behaviors in order to see how much he has changed. We start with the basics and when he "masters" each goal, we set another more challenging goal. Every exercise is charted with a "+" or "-" and then graphed to see if he is improving or needs more work. Today Emily set up her own ABA program with her brother. She chose 20 Baby Einstein photo flashcards and wrote the name of each on a piece of paper. As she would show him the photo, if he gave the card "eye contact" she would put a "check" next to the word. Her particular therapy my not be scientific but it certainly kept his attention. Just another example of how much Emily loves her baby brother.
Tuesday, July 7
{188/365} Frank is heading back to "Betty" after a relaxing 7-week hiatus...and none of us are happy. For those who don't work in television/film, it's difficult to explain why our lives are so complicated. Franks experience in this business has been consistently inconsistent. Each show he has worked on has proved to be more annoying than the previous show with various call times throughout the week. A 7am call means getting up by 5am and often not returning until 11pm...if he's lucky. The later he gets home, the later the call is the next day...and the later he gets home. A vicious cycle. Oh, and don't get me started on the "night exterior" days when they can only start shooting when the sun sets! The most difficult thing is leaving while the kids are asleep and returning after they have gone to bed. By the time Friday rolls around he can usually expect an afternoon call and more likely then not, he will return as the sun is rising. Another Saturday spent in bed catching up on sleep. It's not easy for any of us but somehow we deal. It certainly would be worse if he were travelling all of the time or he was a soldier serving overseas. We get that. So, we rely on text messages, picture messages and Sundays and make the most of it.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Monday, July 6
{187/365} We wanted to do something cool before Frank went back to work...but what? The children's museum is far too crowded and Liam is a wouldn't work right now (not to mention the fact that they don't allow strollers-forget that). There's a big carnival not too far away but again, that's not the ideal place for an active...and fast...23 month old! Finally I came up with the Liberty Science Center which is only about 40 minutes from home (not too far from Ellis Island). This place was more fun then we expected. It has an entire area devoted to 2-5 year olds...and it's contained so little guys can't escape! Since it was a slow day, they allowed Emily to play as well. We spent about an hour with the rice table and balls and building and music and that pooped my little guy out. :) Then Emily had her turn to explore and play and do actual experiments! Emily LOVED the place and had an amazing last day with daddy.
Sunday, July 5
{186/365} About seven months ago we renovated our old kitchen giving it new life. In addition to the many changes, we replaced our flat window with a nicer garden window. The window remained unfinished until May when Frank had time to work on it. Today I found myself staring at the empty window (well, it does have Emily's bean plant there and a green vase...why? I don't know). I actually started stressing about adding plants and how many and how large or small. Then I looked beyond the window and saw Frank out there with the kids. It's not the most beautiful photo (and ignore that old swing set) but it sort of made me stop and realize that life really isn't about plants on a window sill is it? :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Saturday, July 4
{185/365} Independence Day. Confession time....I always found American history quite boring. Yes, I'm admitting it. I sort of feel bad about that. I never actually thought about how this country was formed...what the 4th of July was really about. I would like to say I did some research or read a good book...but truth be told, the HBO series "John Adams" helped me see the light. Why didn't I see it before? It's all so fascinating! Today started off with Emily putting on her red barrette, white shirt, blue skort and flag scarf. The weather was perfect and the kids enjoyed their little pool and chips at the table. For the first time in 39 years, I reflected on the importance of what happened in 1776 and how difficult it was to get there. Kudos to John Adams and our founding fathers for having the courage to sign a Declaration and completely change the course of American history! :)
Friday, July 3
{184/365} While Frank has been home he decided to join a free trial of "Netflix". Yes, it's been around for a while, but if he's working we have little time for movies. It's really simple and cool! We watched Slumdog Millionaire and he caught up on some James Bond and a few silly and gross films that he loves. We even watched "Hair" with Emily that was sent instantly to our Tivo! As we received our little red envelopes, Emily was inspired to declare a "movie night" each week. She wanted popcorn with "surprise treats" (M&Ms) inside. Unfortunately, this would be the last week her daddy is home so our Friday movie night will switch to Saturdays. Tonight we watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone...none of us had seen any of those films. We all loved it and decided to order the Chamber of Secrets for next Saturday. I'm not sure how long this will last, but so far it's a great idea!
Thursday, July 2
{183/365} Emily is not a sporty girl. She loves gym class but mention an after school sport, she shutters (like mother like daughter)! She attended dance class for a few years and gymnastics last year. In both cases she had fun but she isn't passionate about either. The one thing she loves (next to Girl Scouts) is art. She loves to paint and draw and scrap...she loves to create projects whenever she has the chance. She has her own craft area in our office with her various creative tools. While many kids say they want to be a ballet dancer...or baseball player...Emily wants to be an artist (I suggested "art teacher" would perhaps be a better career). ;) This art obsession inspired me to sign her up for a "Draw, Paint and Print" art class at a local art school this summer. It's once a week for two hours for six weeks. Today was her first day and the smile on her face shows how much she loved it! As we were walking out she kept saying..."I wish it was next Thursday already"!
Wednesday, July 1
{182/365} Today is the half way point for my 365! 182 photos with journaling...I can't believe it!! There are a few pros and cons to this project, at least for me. CONS: I can't keep up with the scrapbook. I have the first 100 photos developed, corners rounded and sanded and that's journaling! :( That said, I do have my blog which is up to date (for the most part). PROS: I'm LOVING the project, it's been more fun than I could have imagined. I admit, some days are easier than others but for the most part I haven't struggled with the photos. I really try to think it through. Obviously I have a lot to say with each photo but I love that too! Now if I can only figure out how I'll put my daily "essays" in my scrapbook! LOL So far so good...looking forward to the next 183!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Tuesday, June 30
{181/365} Emily and her Daddy have a long standing summer tradition. On the days when Frank grills, the two of them (now three of them) go out at about 2pm and "play" until it's grilling time. They go on the swings and hang out in the back...usually Emily makes up some crazy hard to follow games too. ;) When the grill is lit they both have a seat at the table...Emily with her juice and Frank with his "Daddy juice" (which is often a Bass or Guinness). ;) Then they have "chips". It doesn't matter what kind as long as they are noshing. Today they were outside until it started raining. Emily said she would grab the chips and they could eat inside. I looked over and this is what I saw. Emily got the chips alright...every single bag in the house!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Monday, June 29
{180/365} Meg and Emily, together again. Today we went to Kim and Meg's house for a playdate and of course some crafts! The girls decorated flip flops this time, full of flowers and gems. We usually stay in for lunch but this time we decided to venture out. Both girls decided to wear their newly decorated shoes and when we arrived at the pizza place, insisted that they have their own table! Well excuse us! Kim and I cracked up the entire time as we sat just two feet away. ;) We couldn't help discussing how grown up our girls are and how nice it is that they get along so well. As usual, the day ended much too soon but we plan on seeing each other again in July and again in August for a scrapbooking convention. We can't wait!
Sunday, June 28
{179/365} I hate the summer. I've said it before and I'll say it again! Just the thought of the heat and the bugs and the sun makes me shutter! I'm also not a pool person. Emily however, loves the pool and Liam, who hasn't had many pool days, loves the bathtub. Em starts camp at the end of July so I thought I would get a little pool to tide her over for a while. After doing a bit of research I found this blow up pool (yes, I know blow ups are cheesy!!!) for a decent price. Today was one of the first hot days without rain so we pumped this baby up...and it was BIG! Bigger than we thought. It comes with blow up rings and balls and an area to throw and roll them. Emily was in heaven and stayed in this thing all day until her lips were purple! At first Liam only dipped his feet but the moment we planned on going inside, he realized it was a lot of fun in there! It will be a pain to empty...and I'm sure we'll get a hole in it soon...and I'll actually have to sit outside...but hearing the giggles of two crazy kids makes it all worth it. :)
Saturday, June 27
{178/365} Tonight we celebrated Aunt Fern's 60th birthday. Thanks to the cancer insanity over the past several years,, who knew if this day would ever come? But, here we are and it really makes the day even sweeter. I even agreed to go into the city...with my 7 1/2 year old...and eat dinner at 9:30! (Poor Frank was stuck home with Liam...sorry Frank). This was OK during my 20's living in Manhattan but as a suburban Mom, I generally feed my kids before the Tonight Show. ;) That said, we made an exception and enjoyed the evening with family. Fern had a fantastic birthday dinner full of good food, stories, talk of her "hippie" days and a much appreciated scrapbook from her niece. We left at around 11:30, full and tired and wishing my Aunt many, MANY more years of happy and healthy birthdays. :)
Friday, June 26
{177/365} The year my dad died was challenging in so many ways. It was days before his 57th birthday and during the December holidays. My dog...the one my dad bought for me...had a grand mal seizure and was diagnosed as epileptic. I started to realize that having a second child wouldn't be as easy the second time. The cherry on top of the cake was when my Aunt Fern (my dads sister) was diagnosed with lung cancer. She managed to beat it only to have her own grand mal a year later and find out that the cancer moved to her brain. Somehow, after going through brain surgery and chemo and drugs, drugs, we are and Fern will celebrate her 60th tomorrow! In addition to a gift, I decided to make her a "HAPPY" scrapbook to celebrate the past 60 years in quotes and photos. I'm looking forward to giving it to her at her birthday dinner tomorrow night. :)
Thursday, June 25
{176/365} If you are a parent you know that one of the biggest mistakes you can make is bringing your kids to Toys R Us. If they are with you keep reminding yourself that it's all your fault...because it is! I broke my own rule today and schlepped Em and Liam to the store (I was sitting on a bunch of gift certificates and it was time to cash in). I tried to contain Liam in the wagon as long as possible...and it worked...until we got to the aisle with the toddler beds and small cushy chairs. He started pointing at Elmo and Thomas and Dora...and for a kid with Autism this is a good thing! So I let him roam free with his sister and surprisingly it was a rather cute experience. He walked from chair to chair and bed to bed trying out everything. Emily was the baby wrangler and kept him contained. He got it all out of his system and then lifted his arms to be put back in the wagon. Apparently you can bring your kids to Toys R Us...but I'm not sure I will take that chance again. ;)
Wednesday, June 24
{175/365} I've had Verizon Wireless forever. In fact, I used that carrier before it was even called Verizon! Verizon has the worst phones but the best service. AT&T is the opposite. When the iPhone first came out it was all the rage...people loved it! Frank and I knew that with all new technology, there would be bugs they would have to work out...and there were...and they did. Recently they came out with the iPhone 3Gs...a new and improved model. Although I wasn't into switching carriers, I know Frank wanted one. So for Father's Day he got the new iPhone...and I got one too. We switched and I have to admit...this small phone is the COOLEST thing I have EVER owned!! We are having a ball using it and loading in new "apps". Happy Father's Day to us!