Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30
{30/365} And what?? I went to the mall this week and gravitated to my favorite store, Pottery Barn. When I walk in there I feel like Veruca Salt in the chocolate factory. I want it!! Well, I didn't get it all but I DID get this fabulous, green ampersand. Why is THIS fabulous you ask? Well, it's my favorite color green so it goes with my scrap was marked down from $30.00 to $7.00...and it's a conversation piece! I get it, it makes no sense but I love it. Now if I could just find a question mark to go with it...
Thursday, January 29
{29/365} I absolutely LOVE matzo ball soup and make it several times each year. Growing up, no matter what the season, you would find a container of this delicious soup in my grandma's freezer. THIS is my comfort food. Each and every time I make it, I think of my grandma's (and grandpa's) kitchen, playing Scrabble, a centerpiece of plastic lemons and a hot bowl of soup in a beautiful white/floral bowl. I do admit I've changed the recipe a bit, using oil in the matzo meal instead of "schmaltz" (chicken fat) and I load it with a ton of veggies! Other than that, the taste and the feeling is still there. If I do nothing else, I WILL teach my kids how to make a GREAT bowl matzo ball soup!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday, January 28
{28/365} I'm not sure what's funnier, the toy store that used to be my living room or the fact that my dog actually finds a place to sleep in the mess! Actually, this is neat compared to what it usually looks like...Liam is a dumper and enjoys taking the bins out and emptying the contents. I love the fact that the laundry basket is still in the room, now that it's Liam's new hang out spot (see 26/365) and then there is Liam's Diego chair/bed. Oh wait, make that Riley's chair! Of course she has a perfectly good dog bed right in front of her. LOL Sometimes I wonder when I'll get my room back but then I stop myself. Once the chaos ends that means my kids are too old to "play". I'm just not ready for that day to come so I say...mess? Bring it on!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, January 27

{27/365} I had a few photos to choose from today but I couldn't resist this one. My kids. This is the reason I faught to have Icould see my kids play together! Emily always loved playing in one of these tunnels. She had it for years until one day, not too long ago, the wire broke through. It was really dangerous and unfixable yet she insisted that she MUST keep it. Since I wasn't about to risk a trip to the emergency room, I threw it out while she was in school (yes, I am a horrible, awful mother). I haven't heard the end of it for weeks! Today while in Target I stumbled upon a new tunnel and of course I had to have it. They only had a pink one in stock but Liam is secure enough to climb through a pink tunnel with his head held high!! :) Despite the bad hair (man, I need to get this kid some hair gel) my kids (and the dog) had a ball and Liam even cracked a smile! LOL

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, January 26
{26/365} I can't say life with Liam is easy. As I write this, Emily is behind me crying because Liam just smashed her favorite night light to pieces (she had it since she was born). Boys aren't easy. Babies aren't easy. Today wasn't easy. I think we both had a frustrating "Liam day". Then I pulled up this photo which I took early this morning and we are both looking and smiling. Liam's new place to hang out is the laundry basket. It's so sweet. I just want to smooch that little head of his!! No, Liam isn't easy but we're willing to give him another chance. ;)
Sunday, January 25
{25/365} Sundays in my house are reserved for our family. My husband works so much and that's the only full day we get to see him. Most Sunday's Emily will do something creative, like painting or drawing or even throw a party for her "imaginary friends". Today she was in her room and really quiet. I was enjoying the silence until I realized that she was too quiet. I opened the door to find Em watching Tinkerbell and flitting around with her fairy wings! The outfit was priceless (she can't part with her "rock star" sweats these days) and I couldn't think of a better picture to take today! I guess she agreed because she had no problem striking a pose. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday, January 24
{24/365} If Emily had her way, the show "John and Kate Plus 8" would be "John and Kate plus 9"! She loves that show and watches certain episodes, over and over again. I like the show because it reminds me that even on the worst of days I ONLY have two!! It also reminds me that TWO kids are more than enough for me!! Emily is the perfect mix of the twins, Cara and Mady...sweet and caring with tons of emotion and attitude! When I look at them, I see my daughter and it always makes me laugh! Emily has been really into the episode where John and Kate renew their wedding vows. She chose this photo today because she wanted it to look as if she was at the wedding. Not with THAT outfit Emily!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday, January 23
{23/365} The spring and summer of 2007 were very eventful. Emily graduated from pre-school, she had her dance recital, we saw Tarzan and Mamma Mia, we had birthdays and play dates. The summer ended with the Liam's birth and Emily's first day of kindergarten. I wanted to capture five months of activities in a "flip-flop" mini album. Little did I know this project would take me through January of 2009! A baby happened, school happened, exhaustion happened and I was left with little time. I took this photo today because I've been looking at this project for a year and a half...and I'm *almost* done! I'm pushing myself to finish...I'm THIS close! This weekend I will triumph...this weekend...I will finish! ;)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday, January 22
{22/365} Liam has a very limited menu when it comes to the foods he eats. He likes applesauce and pureed fruits. He likes pureed veggies. He likes turkey (cold cuts) and American cheese. He LOVES roasted chicken and small pieces of french fries. He does not eat crunchy food or bagels or Cheerios or anything he has to bite. (The irony is that he has about 18 teeth in that mouth of his)!! He eats enough, just not a large variety of foods. He will never eat a cut up veggie although I try each night. Imagine my surprise when on a whim I gave him some eggplant parmesian...and he ate it up faster than I could put it down! Go figure...eggplant! So tonight, he ate a ton of chicken as usual (the photo shows the SECOND helping), ignored the carrots as usual and totally gulped down his usual!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 21
{21/365} Grandma Eileen made a surprise visit today right before I had to pick Em up from school. She said she would stay with Liam and I could take Emily out for a little mom/daughter time! I knew she would be hungry so I let her choose where she wanted to go. What a surprise...she picked Friendly's! I don't blame kids for liking it there, they have straws that change colors, kid meals and TONS of ice cream concoctions to choose from! She chose the "Friendly Frank" and for dessert she chose the "make your own sundae" with chocolate and mint ice cream. The toppings were M&Ms, colored sprinkles and Reeses peanut butter cups. She was in heaven...and so was I...I got to spend an hour and a half alone with my sweet girl. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday, January 20
{20/365} I'm an Independent. While I admit I'm far more liberal than conservative, I vote based on the person and not the party. Years ago I saw Barack Obama on Oprah. I remember how confident and intelligent he was and when he ran for President I certainly wasn't surprised! I don't remember the years before an election being so intense....and here we are...Inauguration Day. What a moment it was for America and American history. I hope that everyone, Democrats AND Republicans can recognize the importance of this day. Whether you agree with President Obama's policies or not, we all witnessed an amazing historical event today. With tears in my eyes I watched and was grateful to be a part of it...even if it was from the comfort of my living room!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday, January 19
{19/365} Emily took the photo today, which is why there is a fan in there for no apparent reason! To honor Martin Luther King Day, Emily did a creative service project. I found a great non-profit called "Color A Smile" based out of New Jersey. On their website you can download coloring pages and/or "free form" pages where you can make your own drawing. There are many subjects to choose from and the pages can be for any time of the year. Emily chose one picture for winter, summer, spring and fall. We'll send the pictures to the organization and they will send them to senior citizens, nursing homes or hospitals! It may not seem like much but Emily really loves to draw and took this very seriously. She is excited to know that one day someone will look at HER drawing and smile!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, January 18
{18/365} Yes, this is where the magic scrap desk! ;) I often look at photos of scrap rooms and wonder how on earth there are clean, empty desks out there! I realized today that in order for me to get anything done I need a bit of chaos....controlled chaos. While my work area is neat, it's surrounded by product and "stuff". I spent a large part of the day in this room and felt like it was an appropriate photo today. My first photo was *just* my desk but Emily wanted in on the 365 action. She jumped in and put my giant roll of foam tape on her head and made the strangest face...that kid is too much!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday, January 17
{17/365} Emily and Mom went to see "Hotel For Dogs" last night and had a sleepover. This morning when I called to check in, my Mom told me that she LOVED the film. So much that she set up her own hotel for dogs in her room! My Mom has a ton of dog Beanie Babies as well as other pups (such as Blue). She sent me this photo via her camera phone and I thought it was perfect for my photo today. Apparently each dog has a bed made out of a tissue. :) If I had to pick one amazing thing about Emily it's that her imagination is ENDLESS!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16
{16/365} My mom...I would be lost without her. I love that she is one of those get-on-the-floor-and-play kind of grandmas and the kids adore her! Frank has to work tomorrow so grandma came to the rescue and picked Emily up for a sleepover. They will see "Hotel For Dogs" and she got special permission to go swimming at her gym tomorrow. Em is so excited, she hasn't swam since the summer! This was just a typical snapshot of the insanity in my home...grandma pushing my BIG girl on a scooter (that shouldn't be in the house), Liam going over to see what's going on (yet another bad hair photo) and Riley peeking out from behind hoping someone will play with her. I love moments like this!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday, January 15
{15/365} This may be a boring photo (taken through a screen window) but it represents my frustration! When I got up this morning, this is what I street and falling snow. That said, there were no school delays so against my better judgement I proceeded with my morning. I got Emily ready and yanked my sleeping baby out of his warm bed. I got the kids into the car, slipping in my driveway. Once I pulled out I knew this was the wrong decision. I slid down the street and as I turned around the corner I decided to head back. The roads were AWFUL! They never take care of our side streets and there was no way I was risking an accident for FIRST GRADE! Of course I have been second guessing myself for hours and despite the fact that the sun is out now, it's still 17 degrees and those streets are death traps. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 14

{14/365} My sweet "Golden Girl". Riley. Her nose turned pink years ago and her face turned white at a young age. She has one pink pad under her front paw and an odd black dot on her lip. She has epilepsy and takes medication (that she hates) each day. She's had two knee surgeries to repair torn ACLs and has a strange scar in her right eye. Every so often she enjoys a nice piece of cardboard...or paper towel...or plastic wrapper....or baby wipe. I've had to call poison control at least 10 times in the past 8 1/2 years. She jumps (a lot) and licks (walls and people-a lot) and barks (a lot). She spends half the day on her back, hoping for a "drive by" belly rub. All of this said, she is my fur baby, my buddy, my joy. She is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see at night...and all day in between. She is loyal and protective and gentle. With both kids, those middle of the night feedings were less exhausting with Riley there to offer encouragement. When my dad died, when I was going through years of infertility treatments...she never let me cry alone. I often look at her with tears in my eyes wondering what I will do without her one day. I'll be lost and heartbroken. In the meantime, I'm so thankful that this crazy, furry creature is in my life and I show my appreciation with many of those "drive by" belly rubs!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tuesday, January 13

{13/365} I went food shopping today and put some of the grocery bags on the floor. Liam proceeded to take everything out and attempt to build a tower of food...Emily joined in to help him. Between the two of them, these kids have a TON of stuff. Celebrating both Christmas and Hanukkah just adds to the inventory ;) Seeing a photo like this reminds me that it's not always about the toys. Kids have unbelievable imaginations and sometimes all it takes for some fun is an empty box or a sheet of paper...or groceries on the kitchen floor!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 12
{12/365} "Betty" has taken my husband and all I'm left with is his jacket on a chair. :( Last night was so upsetting, I realized that Frank has to work this Saturday and again on the 31st. This means the kids will see their dad maybe 5 times between now and the beginning of February. It's so frustrating! He isn't a brain surgeon...he isn't curing some horrible disease...he isn't a firefighter saving people from burning buildings. He works in TELEVISION! He leaves when it's dark and returns when it dark and works his butt off. As a big "thank you" they add more hours to his 70+ hour schedule. I thought Sex And The City was bad...but this is ridiculous!! Thank God for text messaging...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday, January 11
{11/365} I don't decorate the outside of the house during the holidays...First, I'm lazy...Second, I spend enough on gas and electric...Third, I'm Jewish. ;) I have nothing against decorating, it's just not "my thing". Celebrating both holidays is always fun, so the inside of the house has the tree, menorah, stockings and of course our little holiday town! This year while browsing through a garden shop (turned Christmas shop) I saw this cool snow guy...and I needed him! That's when I decided to decorate the back of my house! I know it's a bit nontraditional but so am I! So, our deck is decked out with lights, two reindeer and my glittery snow guy...the kids LOVE it! We had a snowstorm yesterday which reminded me that the holidays are over and it's just winter now. I'm thinking of keeping snow guy out a bit longer...he makes us smile and sheds light on an otherwise bleak time of year. :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, January 10
{10/365} Infertility stinks. It's exhausting and emotional. It's full of needles and medication, ultrasounds and blood tests, weight gain and hopelessness. It's timing and waiting and wondering with butterflies in your stomach. It's learning more about your body than you ever wanted to know. You pray (even if you never have before), you cry and you wonder why. It's frustration and confusion and resentfulness. It's getting poked and prodded and feeling like a science experiment. It's expensive. I took this photo today to remind myself to be grateful, hopeful and patient. Every tear, every appointment, every needle, every test and every penny...was absolutely, positively WORTH IT.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday, January 9
{9/365} When I first moved to my town, I didn't know a soul. When Emily was born I met four other Moms at Gymboree and we have been friends for years! I never thought I would get so lucky again ...until Emily started preschool. Her school was a co-op where the parents would work in the classroom. It was an amazing experience and out that I met five of the most incredible and diverse women. Collectively we have 16 children ranging from 16 months to 18 years old! When preschool ended two years ago we started meeting for breakfast at a local diner. This year our schedules have been crazy and getting the entire group together has been difficult. Today...our schedules worked! These are my girls and I am grateful every day for having them in my life!! (SIDE NOTE...this fabulous photo was taken by a four year old)!
Thursday, January 8
{8/365} Today in Daisy's we discussed "service" and how it feels when you can donate your time, money or items to a specific cause. A group in our county will be collecting a bunch of items to be sent to the men and women serving in Iraq. I called the organizer to see if the girls could send cards as well! We provided the girls with stickers and a giant foam daisy with our troop number and town. Of course I had to use decorative paper (a scrapper use construction paper? LOL) so I dipped into my DCWV "Stack" stash. They all sent "Happy New Year" messages and thank yous. I think it was a simple yet important project and I hope somewhere in Iraq they will make a few soldiers smile!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wednesday, January 7
{7/365} My grandparents had a very old set of ceramic canisters that were on display in their kitchen. When my grandma passed away over 10 years ago, I was relieved that my grandpa kept those canisters on their shelf. I just loved to look at them. A few years ago, when my grandpa passed away, the one thing I wanted...for sentimental reasons...were those canisters. I had no where to put them in my kitchen, but I needed to have them. They sat in their bubble wrapped box, mocking me as I looked at them on the shelf. Finally, a couple of months ago we renovated our kitchen...complete with a wall of shelves, a new home for my canisters. I was thrilled!! Today my painters came back to do some touch ups and to fix a big gouge in our new wooden floor. They brought power tools...big one's....and left everything on the shelves. Needless to say, I heard a CRASH and just knew. "Nutmeg" smashed to the ground into several pieces. At first I was heartbroken, OK, I'm still sort of heartbroken BUT they invented Krazy Glue for a reason! I'll fix "Nutmeg" if it's the last thing I do...
Tuesday, January 6
{6/365} When Emily was a baby we used to walk around the mall and meet grandma for lunch. Now we have Liam, Emily is in school and life is so hectic! We finally got to the mall today and had lunch at our favorite restaurant, Stir Crazy. This was the place where both kids sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time! As usual, grandma let me eat while she fed Liam. Thanks Mom! (not a great hair day for poor Liam...he has those "boy bangs" here...oh no)!
Monday, January 5
{5/365} Emily had 12 days off from school and it was heaven! No commitments, go to bed late, get up late, freedom! Well, all good things must come to an end and it's back to the daily grind. Once again I had to yank poor Liam out of his nice, warm crib and throw him into a cold, uncomfortable car seat! Emily is behind him with tears in her eyes. Only 66 school days until Spring Break!!
Sunday, January 4
{4/365} Today a minor miracle occurred, Emily cleaned her craft desk without being asked! Huh? How did THAT happen? She was in the mood to be artsy and use her Digital Arts and Crafts Studio...she literally had to dig it out from under a ton of paper! Once the deed was done, she spent about 3 hours working on projects. I love watching her "creative process". :)
Saturday, January 3
{3/365} Mike and Britt called at about 4:30 today and casually mentioned that they were about 2 miles from the house. Frank was tiling the kitchen and the rest of us never got out of our PJs! They were in NJ heading back to NYC and wanted to stop by. Man! I'm not a spontaneous person AT ALL so I run like a crazy to make myself presentable. I admit, I wasn't thrilled but they are family and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to see them. When they arrived (like 3 seconds later) they presented me with a gift. The previous night was Britt's birthday and they made paella. I LOVE paella and I never have it. They made the effort to bring some to me which was so sweet! I guess being spontaneous isn't that bad after all. :)
Friday, January 2
{2/365} The first time Emily and I tried the Wii High School Musical game we were so frustrated! We had no idea what we were doing and the same song appeared over and over again. Apparently you have to sing a song and get an "A" grade in order to "unlock" other songs. Today we tried again and finally got the hang of it. Em needed to take a song break and had me sing one or two. I unlocked her favorite song, "Fabulous" and she freaked out! She acted as if she won the lottery and sang the song over and over and over again!
Thursday, January 1

{1/365} Each New Years Eve we spend the day at home and nosh all day long...we officially call it "Junkie Food Day". Frank and I have always rang in the new year alone with a little champagne toast. This year, we had company...the entire house was hopping at midnight! Emily had some juice in a champagne flute and she was so excited to be up. Liam decided that he wasn't tired and was running around like a crazy boy. Needless to say it was a VERY late night. My first photo is taken on the first of the year at 9:30am. The kids were completely pooped and slept really late. All is quiet on New Years Day...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How exciting!

Here I am working on my "blog version" of Project 365! I saw so many 365 blogs so I thought I would join in on the fun. Of course my plan was to start posting...but the kiddos are calling! So, I will be back SOON with my photos and journaling.

I can't wait!!

Jodi :)