Friday, January 1, 2010

I miss Project 365 already!

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Scrapronicity as I try to work on my scrappy projects each day...and blog all about of course. In May I'll start Project...Life at 40!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thursday, December 31
{365/365} Today is New Years Eve, 2009. Today we will eat "junkie food" and play Guitar Hero. Today we will say good-bye to an entire decade and I'll say hello to my 40th year. Today it will snow. Today we will watch the "ball" drop and have a champagne toast. Today we hope for good health and happiness for 2010 and today I'll pray that in 2010 Liam finds his "words." again. For me today is bittersweet because I finish a project that's been a labor of love for 365 days. "Project 365" concludes today and I leave it with undying gratitude. It's been sort of life changing for me, allowing me to focus on everyday life and not just letting it to pass me by. Although I've been scrapping for years, this one project has changed my perspective and I'm proud I was able to see it through to the end. Today I'll say goodbye to 365 but I'll look at life in a different way. To those that have taken the journey with me, I thank you for your support. I know I took the "journaling" very seriously and had so much to say. For me, it was an important part of the process. Moving forward, I have new ideas up my sleeve and plan to resume a project again in May. Until then...goodbye 365 and thank you for such an insightful and exciting 2009!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday, December 30
{364/365} This is my life. I have a beautiful, intelligent, creative and dramatic eight year old. I have a delicious, curious, smart...and Autistic, twenty-nine month old. My epileptic and neurotic "fur baby" of nine years, has two metal knees and enjoys licking walls and jumping at shadows. My husband of 13 years (and who I've known for 19), is overworked in the television business and longing to spend more time at home. My house is "lived in" and that's how it goes. The laundry is clean but often remains in baskets. The garage is full of useless stuff that will eventually be thrown away. We have stacks of CD's and DVD's in our bedroom which were displaced when our cabinets started housing therapy toys. My scrap room/office is often a mess with several unfinished projects and bits of paper lurking everywhere. On my desk under a clear protector it reads, "I'm creative, you can't expect me to be neat too.". Emily's room is pink, Liam's is blue and if I had any strength at all, I would paint my scrap room pear green. I'm tired. My life took off in a different direction than expected and I'm still trying to gain control. I desperately need to lose weight and that saddens me each and every day. Such a daunting task. I try so hard to get it all done...class mom, girl scout leader, newsletter writer, scrapper, mom, housekeeper, daughter, sister, wife, "chef," "doctor," "lawyer," on and on...but my multi-tasking skills are lacking these days. I do the best I can. My goal for the upcoming year is to try and take things one day at a time. To make a bit more time for myself. To keep it all together. Despite the challenges, no matter what, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I'm very lucky and I'm grateful for what I have, each and every day. :)
Tuesday, December 29
{363/365} During Hanukkah this year we were supposed to get together with Mike and Britt for a little celebration. Unfortunately, Britt was really sick and we had to go on with the Chinese food and lakes without them. :( Rescheduling isn't always easy but luckily both of them had the week off! So, after two hours of therapy for Liam and an extremely emotional doctors appointment for Emily (which involved a "finger prick") they came over for a post-Hanukkah celebration. Although there were no latkes, we did open gifts and dined on Chinese food. We had a great night which ended with me showing Mike the "Munchos" entry on my 365! I was thrilled to get such a great photo as I wind down this year long project.
Monday, December 28
{362/365} Frank has been working with Michael for over ten years and Mike's family owns both a restaurant and a wine store in Manhattan. Last year for the holidays, Michael gave us a gift certificate for the restaurant which we knew would be a challenge to use. It's not that we don't want to go, but arranging such a thing is never easy! This year Michael gave us a gift certificate to the wine store and I finally decided that we had to work this out! Tonight Frank and I had a "date," while my mom stayed home with the kids. We had an amazing meal at i Trulli which included pumpkin ravioli for me and braised short rib for Frank. We then went across the street to Vino to purchase some wine. To end the evening we stopped into "Mustang Harry's" where a few of our old friends from our college radio days (WONY) were hanging out! How fantastic it was to have a great meal, drink a little wine, schmooze with old friends and feel like an adult for a change. I do love my kids but I certainly would like to do this more often. :)
Sunday, December 27
{361/365} In addition to seeing my kids happy on Christmas morning, I have to admit, emptying out Riley's stocking is also a highlight of my day! Each year I get her new bones, squeak toys and for her 9th Christmas, I got my pretty, girly pooch a new pink collar with a matching leash! Tonight Frank and Emily went to Frank's Aunt's house (for a second Christmas dinner), while I hung out at home with Liam and Riley. Miss Riley had a grand old time playing on her back, surrounded by all of her holiday goodies.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, December 26
{360/365} I love the day after Christmas. We get to wind down and the kids get to play all day long. The house is always a mess and everyone is a bit hyper but we have no where to go and that's the way we like it! After Emily and Daddy made the Jamba Juice and we played a few games of Sorry Sliders...after Liam played a symphony on his new Little Einstein Piano and spilled a bunch of crayons out of his dump truck...I captured a sweet moment with Emily and Liam. Nope, this wasn't one of their new gifts, it was a video on my iPhone that made the two of them so happy. I wasn't offended in the least because for me, looking at them so content, is the best gift of all. :)