Saturday, May 23, 2009

Friday, May 22
{142/365} I finally got a night out with "the girls"! Getting six women together is practically impossible (our friend Roxann showed up later) but we managed! Kristen (bottom center) and I both have May birthdays...hers in the beginning and mine in the we made this a collective birthday celebration. We had such a fun night! My Mom (who lives close by and recommended the restaurant) snuck in before we got there and put balloons and candy all over the table...she even bought the first round of drinks. :) Kristen and I were then given BEAUTIFUL diamond initial necklaces from our friends...unbelievable! Three hours later we left laughing and so thrilled that we could all be together. I'm so grateful to have them in my life and they each made my "pre" birthday very, very special.
Thursday, May 21
{141/356} Today Emily moved up from the ranks of "Daisy" to "Brownie" during our "Bridging Ceremony." :) In theory we were supposed to grow a flower garden this year and it wasn't entirely practical. So, in September I made different flowers with the girls names on them. At the first meeting they "planted" their flower in one big pot, symbolizing our troops "garden". For the ceremony I gave each girl their own pot with their flower, daisies and some lollipops. We lined a path with the pots and they walked up to accept their Brownie pin, certificate and long stemmed daisy. In the end, each girl was able to take their flower pot home as a keepsake. As we were walking out, Emily turned to me and said..."Mom, I walked in a Daisy and I walk out a Brownie"...she was so excited!!
Wednesday, May 20
{140/365} A few weeks ago I had Liam out on a Friday. His sneakers fit that day. By Sunday evening..they didn't!! Unfortunately, we had a physical therapy evaluation that Monday and I actually had to bring him with NO shoes! Luckily, he didn't need them for the evaluation so I dodged a bullet. ;) Each day I had something to do and then the kids got sick...for several new shoes yet again. Finally I placed an order with Lands End and printed out a size chart. He did in fact go up a size! I ordered him a cute pair of mesh water shoes but I knew he needed another pair. A couple of days ago (after yet another evaluation) we had a few moments to stop into Target. I purchased his first pair of Converse sneakers and although they aren't the classic "All-Stars" they are the newer "One-Stars" and just as cute. I even bought a pair for myself and Frank and Em got a pair with purple flowers. Today Liam wore them for the first time and looked so darn cute!!
Tuesday, May 19
{139/365} Liam had therapy today at 9am...I hate ANYTHING at 9am! I realized when it was over that I never took a photo of the million toys we use each week. There are the peg puzzles with animals, the peg puzzle with different colored pegs and a foam board and the peg puzzle with different colored pegs, foam board AND the foam shapes to put on top. Mr. Potato Head, cars, shape sorters, stacking cups, stacking bowls, home made flash cards with photos of family members and of course snacks! Everything serves a purpose...we work on all sorts of fine motor skills as well as pointing, clapping, focusing, etc. It's not easy, but I'm glad I'm part of the process. In three short months I've already noticed a big difference in many of the "problem" areas!
Monday, May 18th
{138/365} Somehow I think I erased my "official" photo today! I felt awful because I haven't missed one yet...but then I went to my trusty camera phone. Each Monday I drive thirty minutes to get to Emily's gymnastics class. Instead of going home between school and the 4:30 class, I usually bring her to the pizza place for a snack. One day I realized that the pizza place didn't have coffee...but Dunkin' Donuts did! ;) So, now I take her there instead. I can get my huge iced Latte Lite (LOVE THAT) and Emily enjoys a turkey flatbread sandwich. I sent this photo to Frank so he knew where we were. :)
Sunday, May 17
{137/365} Emily is not a very sporty kid (and she could care less) but she can make a mean craft! She started working on something today, an idea she didn't see on TV or in a magazine. She wanted to "build" a room using paper. She taped together three walls and decorated them. Then she cut out "doors" in the walls and made rooms behind two of them (I helped her fold and attach the's difficult to see in the photo). She added her dollhouse furniture and there you have it. She was so into this project so it certainly deserved a spot as the photo of the day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Saturday, May 16
{136/365} Not too long ago Liam hated wearing shoes...and socks...and jackets. During the summer it wasn't an issue, but once the cold weather came at the end of September, Liam was impossible. Slowly but surely he stopped taking off his shoes in the car and pulling off his socks soon after. Eventually he didn't fight the jacket either. Today Liam decided to try his sisters jacket on for size (almost doing it himself) and no surprise, Emily did the same with his! (Riley thinks they are both nuts)!! So, I guess Liam is over his little clothes least for now.
Friday, May 15
{135/365} When we had to cancel our trip (to the Great Wolf lodge) Emily was so upset. I felt awful but there was little I could do. Although we did reschedule, she was moping around all day on Tuesday. To cheer her up, Frank sent a text promising to "make it up" to Emily when he was home on Friday. He decided he would pick Emily up from school today (the first time ever) and take her to Friendly's (her favorite)! While dining on their giant ice cream concoctions, Frank said he would play Emily's "game of choice" when they got home. Her choice...princess Monopoly! So cute. :)
Thursday, May 14
{134/365} We should have been going to the Great Wolf lodge today but everyone is still sick. On the one hand, I feel bad for Emily because she was so excited...on the other hand, I was able to attend a crop tonight! I can never go because Frank is always working so I was really excited. I felt a bit guilty for leaving (it's from 7pm until 10pm) but life has been so hectic and I needed the break. I swore I wouldn't buy anything and just wait until CKC in August. Look how that turned out. ;)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wednesday, May 13
{133/365} Emily was very proud of the homemade bag she made for Mother's Day...but was upset that I didn't take a photo of what was inside! Last Thursday Emily was too sick to go to her Daisy meeting, but I'm a leader AND I made the I had to go. Before I left, I gave her the project so she could put it together with Grandma while I was gone. Along with the 17 pairs of hands I cut out (day 124) I also put together this cute vase with flowers. It's a covered toilet paper roll stuffed with green Styrofoam, Cricut flowers, buttons and pipe cleaners. It took FOREVER to prep this one but in the end the girls had adorable gifts for their Moms! I loved mine so of course I was happy to take this photo!
Tuesday, May 12
{132/365} Today wasn't a great day. I got up as always, ready to start the day only to discover that once again Emily had a fever. She can't seem to shake this thing! Liam's cough is getting worse and his little nose is all stuffy. A trip to the doctor was in order. It turns out that the kids have colds and "viral" infections which means NO meds. As horrible as it sounds, sometimes I hope for the ear infection or strep because they are cleared up in 24 hours! So, I get home and my sick kids are tired yet stir crazy at the same time. I'm also starting to feel a little something coming on and wondering when it will surface. As I slump my exhausted self into a chair I see my beautiful Mother's Day flowers staring me in the face. Then I think...this is what we do...this is what it's all about...THIS is why I have those flowers in the first place. A mommy's job is never done...and somehow it's all worth it.
Monday, May 11
{131/365} Riddle me does a kid who stopped talking, can't always point and often can't communicate...figure out that if you move the dining room chairs in the perfect position, you can in fact hoist your body up to sit on the table!! Why is it that he is SO GOOD at being SO BAD?? It was bad enough that he turned the TV on and now we have a gate in front of it. He now pulls everything out of every drawer that's not nailed shut and climbs onto the couch trying to leap off the back, head first. Oh and then there are the vents on the floor that now need to be stuck down and God forbid you leave the dogs water on the floor!. Yep, just add dining room table to the "Liam-is-a- menace-so-you-better-watch-him" list. :) I need an Advil...
Sunday, May 10
{130/365} My daughter, as the saying goes, is a "chip off the old block". She has her own pens and pencils, 12x12 paper, trimmer, Xyron, Cuttlebug and various types of embellishments. This is why, when faced with a box dilemma (she didn't have one for my Mother's Day gift), she was able to go ahead and make one! This was just as good as the gift itself! I made my Mom a gift as well (which she just LOVED). It was a fun Mother's day ending with my Mom (although just getting over bronchitis) watching the kids while Frank and I went to Manhattan to see "Hair". I am so lucky to have an amazing Mom and to be a Mom to two amazing kids. I'm grateful every, single day. :)
Saturday, May 9
{129/365} After our fun scrapbook outing yesterday, Emily woke up exhausted and not feeling 100% again. Liam is now getting sick so he is exhausted. Then there's Frank...he is ALWAYS exhausted! (and we won't even get into how exhausted I am). Today the family had one of those "I-don't-want-to-do-anything-but-loafe-around days. So that's what we did...we hung out on the couch and watched everything from the Wonderpets to the Ace of Cakes! Even our full of energy crazy boy took some time out to relax on the couch with his daddy and sister.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday, May 8
{128/356} For a few weeks now, Emily and I planned to attend a Mother/Daughter Mother's Day class at my friend Marilyn's house. Marilyn had to close her scrapbook store but now has her inventory and classes at her house. We were so excited but one thing stood in our way...the thermometer! Emily already missed the Daisy's last night (her last meeting before the big "Bridging to Brownies" ceremony) and two days of school, she would be crushed if she had to miss this too! By 1pm she seemed back to her old self and fever free. She was exited to get dressed and go out for some mom/kid time. Two hours and a million gummy bears/M&M's later, Em's book was done...mine on the other hand still needs some work! Regardless, we had a fantastic time and hope Marilyn decides to do a Father's Day class as well!
Thursday, May 7
{127/365} Last year Emily had strep six or seven times. Each time her throat didn't hurt and she didn't have fever. So, she would get frustrated by the "stay at home for 24 hours" rule. She would get restless knowing she couldn't go to school or gymnastics because she actually felt fine! Today Emily doesn't have strep, she has a fever and that's definitely bringing her down. We ended up going to the doctor at 6:30 last night and we were told she has a virus. To be honest, I was hoping for strep! At least she could get meds and get better in a day. A virus knocks you out and has to run it's course. Once again she's frustrated but this time it's because she's exhausted and just wants to feel better. :(
Wednesday, May 6
{126/365} What a day! Last night Emily had a slight fever. This morning she jumped out of bed, ready for her school field trip to see Aesops Fables. All was well in class and then on the bus. On the way back, she was acting like a crazy girl screaming and bumping up and down in our seat in the back! When we returned to school I realized that I forgot to pack the required "bag lunch"...DUH! So, we took a quick walk to Dunkin' Donuts and that's where things started to go down hill. She wasn't hungry but very thirsty. As we walking she said she was really cold (hence the photo)...this coming from a kid who would wear shorts in the winter! By the time we got to school she was white as a ghost and ready to pass out. I took her home and she slept for about 5 hours. 101.7 fever and a virus...and all she cared about was that she got to see Aesops Fables. ;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tuesday, May 5
{125/365} The last 20 months with Liam has been such a whirlwind. For the majority of the time, I had no idea what to expect. He never really played like a "normal" kid or interacted like a "normal" kid so I stopped concentrating on what was typical. He is for the most part a happy child who generally seems content. Tonight however, Liam was having a fit for no reason. He was fed and he wasn't thirsty...he just felt like freaking out. I just smiled as I watched him have his tantrum. I didn't smile to mock him, I just realized that tonight he was in fact acting like a "normal" kid. An almost 21 month old who just decided that life sucked at that particular moment! LOL
Monday, May 4
{124/365} I'm one of those moms that likes to get involved. I'm lucky to be a Stay-At-Home Mom, so I want to try and give my time if I can. When the school didn't have a newsletter, and no one was willing to do it, I stepped up to the plate. When they needed another class mom last year I volunteered and became one again this year. And when they needed a fourth Daisy leader for our huge troop...there I was again! I'm always working on a project, especially for the Daisy troop. On Thursday we will make cute paper vases with flowers (thank you Cricut) and cards with the kids hands and a quote. Tonight I cut out 17 pair of yellow hands and I'm exhausted! The projects will be cute though and in the end, that's what counts the most. :)
Sunday, May 3
{123/365} Last year was my first year with a child in the school system. I knew nothing about book fairs, plant sales or anything school related. When I received a notice on a Friday last May that "Teacher's Appreciation Week" was the following week, it took me by surprise. They informed us that on Monday (just two days later) each child must bring a in a flower for their teacher. WHAT? Don't they know that it was National Scrapbook Day weekend? Needless to say, I was in all weekend and unable to get the flower. So...I made one. ;) The teacher loved it last year and still has it on her desk this year (Em has the same teacher). Well, it happened again and once again I made her flowers....different colors and a different style. I know "real" flowers are beautiful but she likes mine because they last a lot longer. I'll be more prepared next year...but most likely it won't matter and I'll just make them again. ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saturday, May 2
{122/365} Three years ago I discovered that QVC celebrated "National Scrapbook Day" with scrapbooking shows all day long. Emily and I decided to make this an "event" with projects, snacks and scrap shows! We had a blast and now it's become a tradition in our house. Although QVC no longer celebrates all day, Emily really looks forward to hanging out and working on our books. This year was a bit of a challenge since Frank got home at 9am. We had Liam join us for most of the day, but once daddy woke up we handed him over so we could have our girl time! Emily was so excited that she proceeded to write a message on the door chalk board (well, it's a cloud actually). It reads..."Scrapbookers at Work...Keep out"! Don't mess with my little scrapbook princess! (Once again, Emily wears a fancy undershirt...why won't she wear CLOTHES??"
Friday, May 1
{121/365} There is a great local store, Chef Central, which has cooking classes each week. The "cooking for kids" classes are for children ages 3 to 5 and I remember counting the seconds until Em's 3rd birthday! In October of 2004, they were going to make Halloween cookies and I knew Emily would love those. So, three weeks before her 3rd birthday, Emily took her first cooking class! We continued to take classes almost every other week until she started kindergarten in 2007. Today I bought some pizza dough and thought Em would enjoy making her own pizza. Watching her create her mozzarella masterpiece was so much fun. It reminded me of the good old days of afternoon cooking and lunch at the diner! (Yes, once again Emily dresses up for a photo-LOL)!!