Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday, August 23
{235/365} It's amazing what a Mom..and a baby... goes through when a child is teething. You can usually count on crankiness, moodiness, fever, poop "challenges", swollen gums, drooling and overall insanity. For the most part, this is not a fun time but something everyone must deal with. Needless to say, watching Emily's teeth fall out makes me chuckle a bit. I went through all of THAT just so you can lose the darn things? Where's the justice? ;) Tonight Emily lost her ninth...we think...tooth and was very excited. "Finally", she said..."I can eat corn on the cob!" Huh? I had no idea she wanted to eat corn on the cob! LOL This little sucker was loose for a while so I'm glad it made it's exit before school started. Tonight the Tooth Fairy will visit again leaving some money and a bit of Fairy Dust...wonder what color it will be this time? :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Saturday, August 22
{234/365} Today we spent the day with the Rosen's and had a double birthday party for Liam and William. Since both of the boys love Cars (the movie) I decided to make a cute Cars cake with the actual cars on top. They really wanted to yank all of those cars off and stick their hands in the cake...but somehow we lit the candles and "Happy Birthday" was sung! Once again Liam literally stuffed his little 2 year old face with cake and butter cream and once again I didn't care...have fun sweet boy, I hope you enjoyed all of your celebrations!
Friday, August 21
{233/365} One Saturday night about four months ago, Emily asked if she could have a "sleepover" in my bedroom. I said she could and she was so excited! She asks me just about every weekend, sometimes I say yes, sometimes no but when she's in there it's like a mini adventure for her! Tonight Frank is working very late, (he often does on Fridays) so I let Em sleep in our room. I still had things to do so when I got upstairs she was already asleep. There she was snuggled in her sleeping bag, Nemo (stuffed animal of the week) tucked in by her side and a drink just in case she gets thirsty. It's moments like this when I can't believe she's mine and I try to take it all in. She's getting older but she's still young enough to find sleeping in my room with a little stuffed fish exciting. I'm so grateful for these moments and never take them for granted. :)
Thursday, August 20th
{232/365} Lindgren is not your ordinary day camp. There's no green grass...just a lot of sand and a giant sandy "mud pit" smack in the middle. Groups don't do activities together...the kids meet for lunch but other than that, the kids can go and do what they want. It's a four day week so the counselors can also enjoy their summer and each Thursday for lunch they have a giant cookout. It's off-beat but Emily loves it more than words can say! She spends the majority of her 5 1/2 hour day in the pool and in the art area (although there is A LOT more to do)...and that's fine with me! On the last day each year I make tons of muffins for the nurses, (Emily's cubby is in the "summer house" which is also the first aid area), counselors and anyone who wants them. They LOVE food over there! LOL It's just my little thank you for making Emily's summer so special. :)
Wednesday, August 19
{231/365} I cannot believe Emily's fourth year at Lindgren is coming to an end. Each year they have "Parent's Day" the second to last day of camp. Each year I take a photo near her cubby, near the art area and around the camp. Each year I sit and watch Emily hang out in the water and try to get all of those "scrapable" shots. This year however was special...this year I actually saw Emily swim! For the past few years she would basically jump up and down in the smaller "baby" pool but this year she was in the main pool, head under water, going from side to side. She's not able to swim in the deep end just yet, but I was very proud of her accomplishments. Now I think I have to find a place she can practice during the school year, this way she can keep up the good work! :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 18
{230/365} My kids love to eat. For them however it's not so much the quality as it is the quantity...variety is lacking...big time! While Emily has a few more items on her personal menu, for the most part the two of them drive me crazy when it comes to mealtime. Liam used to eat a lot of different foods and now he refuses almost everything! Emily has gotten better but still have very picky moments. Today it seemed as if the two of them didn't stop for a moment, in fact this photo shows them eating their second dinner! I thought perhaps they just wanted a light snack but clearly another meal was required. I definitely need to work on their food choices but for now I'm just grateful that they eat anything...even if it's six times a day! Little grazers! ;)
Monday, August 17
{229/365} All of my photos seem to have a story or a reason behind it. I took this, not just because my kiddos were playing nicely on the couch, but because it's often very difficult to just sit and relax with Liam. Yes, he has many challenges BUT he is also a typical two year old in so many ways. He's always on the go, checking out what's happening around the corner. He loves the sound of the coffee maker and the microwave and water coming out of the fridge and must always go to investigate. He loves music whether it's from a radio or TV show or a commercial and must get up to jump and dance around. At this moment in time he was snuggling on the couch with his sister...sitting still and enjoying Blue's Clue's on TV. I wanted to capture this moment because there are so few of them! :)
Sunday, August 16
{228/365} Frank and I are both the oldest "kids" in our families. Frank has two younger sisters and a brother and I have two younger brothers. We were the first to get married and although both of my brothers are married, and so is one of his sisters, we have the only grandchildren. That's all about to change when my Sister-In-Law Michelle and her husband, Keith have their first baby in September (or if she's anything like me...August) ;) Emily is excited to have her 1st, first cousin and I'll get to be an Aunt! Today was Michelle's baby shower (my Mother-In-Law is in the background) and we had a great time. Emily was helpful as always, stepping in as the assistant gift opener! :) So, the party is over and now we sit back and wait for the big day. Although Michelle and Keith's lives will completely change, what an amazing new adventure it will be!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday, August 15
{227/365} Today is Liam's baby is 2!! I know it's been two years but I still can't believe that he's here! The infertility journey was well worth it. :) On August 14th, 2007 my water broke three weeks early...exactly what happened with Emily. Once again I rushed to the hospital and once again I was induced when I couldn't go into labor on my own. At 2:53am on August 15th, I heard the cry that all mommy's wait for. It was at that moment I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Two years later I could have taken the "blowing out the candle" photo or the "cake on the face" photo but instead I chose this one. A moment where Liam and Emily were looking at one of his new gifts....the love in her eyes says it all and she definitely speaks for all of us. Liam is proof that miracles can happen and we cherish him each and every day. (One added note: That tie dyed shirt Liam is wearing was made by Emily at camp). :)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday, August 14
{226/365} About two months ago I considered having a party for Liam's birthday. Nothing big, just a little something in a play place with the old preschool crew. My friend Kristen's son was born a week after Liam, so a double party was in order. Of course the summer zoomed by and nothing was planned. A few days ago my friend Lusya called and told me she wanted to come over to or no party! How could I say no? Kristen unfortunately wasn't available but I decided to get some festive "Thomas The Tank Engine" party supplies anyway...and make a would be a small party but who cares? Well, at the last minute Kristen's plans changed and we got part of the group together. Although everone wasn't there, the kids had a great time and Liam had a very happy-day-before-his-birthday! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday, August 13
{225/365} They say that in time you start to look like your dog. I wonder if you start to act like your dog as well?? The other day I posted a photo of Riley sitting on the paper I was using to wrap gifts. I could hardly get anything done because she wanted in on the action! Why the comparison between man and dog? About two weeks ago I heard a loud CRASH, only to find the closet shelf in my office had completely collapsed. After assessing the situation, I decided that another shelf was out and those metal storage cubes were in. I decided to start putting them together today when who decides he wants to "help"? Liam decided this *almost* finished cube was now his new play house. He then handed me another piece so I can build a second story AND grabbed two small blankets from his room to make the area more cozy! Seriously! Needless to say, I got nothing done but Liam is enjoying his new condo. ;)
Wednesday, August 12
{224/365} When I thought I wasn't having another child, I packed up a lot of Emily's old toys and put them away. Some of them ended up in the crawl space and others in the basement.... eventually I would throw them out or give them away. One of the suggested birthday gifts for Liam this year are medium sized Lego's (Mega blocks) so he can build and play. I was in the store yesterday and saw a small pack of "Cars" themed Lego's and thought I would pick them up to add to whatever he was given. Today it occurred to me...not only do I have a ton of these Lego's in the basement...I have a small Lego table! Duh! So out it came and Liam is in HEAVEN! Of course I whipped out gift #3...the Cars set...and he hasn't stepped away from it since. Emily has a camp out tonight until 9pm but I'll bet the two of them will enjoy playing building together this weekend. :)
Tuesday, August 11
{223/365} Liam has this strange obsession with closing the fridge doors when they are open. If I take something out to set on the counter, he will appear...sometimes out of nowhere...and quickly close them. There have been times where I've turned around for two seconds and BAM...closed! He will also leave the table while eating to do this (I'm wondering if I should have had him in the high chair longer?) I'm not sure if this is a game or some sort of compulsive thing, but I have learned to look before closing the doors for fear of closing them in on him! I'm sort of just shrugging it off and not worrying about it too much. Besides, it's SO much better to have a kid close the fridge than constantly open it! :)
Monday, August 10
{222/365} I wonder if the way a baby comes into the world is a reflection of who he/she will be as a child. Both Liam and Emily were born exactly three weeks before their due dates. In both cases my water broke, proving that both of my children were determined to make their way into this world on their terms. Both of them let out gigantic cries and opened their eyes almost immediately, ready for what the world had to offer. I was thinking about all of this tonight as I watched Liam giggle and jump around in his crib at 11:15pm (it's actually dark in there but I used the flash for the photo). I should be angry and frustrated but instead I sort of laughed to myself. "Yes mom, I should go to sleep...but you know what? I'll go to sleep when I'M ready!" I've got two strong, determined kids and although it's challenging at times, I do hope that strength carries on with them, in a positive way, throughout their lives. :)
Sunday, August 9
{221/365} At the end of June I bought Liam a Thomas the Tank "computer" to replace Emily's Disney Princess computer. It's not the pink that bothered me, it was the fact that he couldn't open it himself and would literally hurl the thing at me when he needed help! His new computer was easy to open, yet we quickly realized he couldn't do much with it. For Liam, the most exciting thing was banging on buttons and listening to the Thomas theme over and over again. Just add that to the toys-we-could-have-lived-without pile. ;) Ironically, while looking for Thomas gifts for my friend's son, I came across this terrific "Handy Manny" computer. It was easy to open AND in addition to the "normal" computer games, it came with a hammer and screwdriver and areas with screws and pegs. These activities were so much more appropriate. So, birthday gift #2...a new computer and in addition to a few other gifts, my friend's son will now inherit one ever so slightly used Thomas computer. ;)
Saturday, August 8
{220/365} Today officially begins the countdown to Liam's second birthday. To celebrate, I've decided to highlight my little boy in my 365 this week! We want to get Liam gifts that are both fun and will help boost his skills and imagination. One of the suggestions was to get "pretend play" toys such as the Fisher Price Little People Animal Sounds Farm. This way he can play with the animals in the barn and hear the sounds they make at the same time! My Mom took Em last night and also picked up this toy for him. When she came over today we decided to start Liam's "birthday week" with his first gift. He loved it and even started pointing at the box (we love pointing anytime, anywhere). Looks like it will be a fun week...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Friday, August 7
{219/365} I can hardly believe that in one week and one day my little boy will be two. I knew some relatives and friends would ask what they should get for his birthday, so I went back and looked at Emily's 2 year birthday photos. My heart broke a little when I saw her opening a small play kitchen and sitting on the floor sipping pretend tea with her new tea set. I knew Liam was not quite on that level and we would have to concentrate on more "therapy related" toys than anything else. He's different in so many ways and I have learned to embrace those differences the best way I can. One of my favorite photos is when Emily is sitting at her new easel, proudly drawing a picture...I just couldn't imagine Liam doing this. Coincidentally, my Mom had that very easel at her house and decided to bring it over today just to see if he would like it. I admit I didn't have high hopes but low and he is using that very same easel! Oh ye of little faith! I have officially learned my lesson and will never doubt that little boy again!
Thursday, August 6
{218/365} Six weeks seems like such a long time...until it's over. ;) Today was Emily's last art class and they had an "art show" so the kids could show off their work. Throughout the past several weeks the kids learned how to draw, paint and print using different techniques. I was so impressed looking at her creations and even learned a thing or two (like how to make a "stamp" just using paper)! She learned about perspective and shading and even tried her hand at Pointillism (she made the cutest polar bear). I was so impressed with her class, that I agreed to let her take another one after school this year. She has tried dance and gymnastics which were OK, she definitely isn't interested in sports, but there is no question that she has a real passion for art. :)
Wednesday, August 5
{217/365} Despite having a sore throat and feeling totally gross today, I had to do some shopping. I have some kids birthdays and baby showers coming up so I had to get moving! I dragged all of the gifts into the basement wanting to wrap everything while I had a few free moments. Riley on the other hand, who spent the morning alone, wanted a bit of attention. Each time I would lay out a piece of wrapping paper, my pooch would proceed to sprawl across it as if wanting to get wrapped herself. ;) I also wasted a lot of tape because each piece had a lovely golden piece of fur attached to it. So I'm thinking, next time I may want to haul the entire load upstairs and just wrap everything on the dining room table!
Tuesday, August 4
{216/365} Before renovating our kitchen, our "recycle bin" consisted of a bag hanging on the basement doorknob. We now have nice recycle bins where we can separate paper from the plastic. The only negative is that my curious little boy LOVES to open the pantry door and check out what's inside. Every so often I'll find an empty, crushed soda bottle or juice bottle in the living room or a flattened cardboard box in the dining room. Yes, it's all fun and games for Liam! Tonight as I was cleaning, Liam was rummaging through the recyclables as usual. When I heard a "clanging" sound I turned around to see my (almost) two year old taking a swig of his daddy's recycled Guinness bottle. I missed that shot but I think this is almost as good. No, Frank doesn't drink that much but I guess when he does, Liam pays attention. ;)
Monday, August 3
{215/365} When I get back from the scrapbook convention I get in this major scrapping mode. Luckily it's always in the summer so I have time to work on my projects. Of course I always come home with some goodies for Emily...which gets her in the scrapping mode too! For the past few weeks she has been working on a "top secret" book for doesn't contain photos but it's full of "designs". I decided to do some scrapping this afternoon at the dining room table and Emily joined me. Since she was working on my secret book, she had to work on the opposite end and I had to agree not to peek. ;) So far I have resisted but I can wait to get my gift!
Sunday, August 2
{214/365} I could say that I go to CKC just for the classes...but I would be lying. ;) The shopping...THE SHOPPING! For the most part I can only order cool product online so I can't wait to see product up close and personal at the vendor faire. Unfortunately, the faire isn't as fabulous as it used to be, in the past the larger companies would have booths. These days it's mostly smaller companies and local scrap stores. That clearly doesn't stop me!! I have my favorites and somehow manage to find a great pile of goodies. :) While coming home from CKC is always a downer, searching though all of my shopping bags is always exciting! Today has been a crazy day so hopefully I can put some of this stuff away soon. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saturday, August 1
{213/365} My Mom is by far my biggest fan. She is my biggest supporter and the one I go to if I'm in a creative pickle! About six or seven years ago I found the Memories Expo in NJ and I thought it would be fun if my Mom and I went scrapping for the weekend. Although she's not a scrapper, she's so creative and it was a great excuse to have a couple of days together. Our little weekend evolved into a 2 1/2 hour drive and a three day weekend at Valley Forge! In each class we work on a project together and I bring the second one's strange but we love it! I've submitted three layouts/cards in four years and won each time. Before handing anything in, my Mom is sure to parade my submission around for all to see (I try to hide when she does this). Each time I won she screamed and cheered and always made sure we had a photo together. Although the prizes are pretty bad and fewer and fewer people submit projects each year, my Mom is still proud to show me off. Yep, my biggest fan. :)
Friday, July 31
{212/365} So here's the deal...I look horrible in this photo and I know it. There's a photo that's better BUT the "jazz hands" photo is what makes this night so funny! So I decided to use it. :) While I love hanging out with my Mom at CKC each year, I also love meeting Kim and Michelle. I've known Kim for years and I met Michelle last year. The four of us take a bunch of classes together and for the first time, we decided to go to a crop. We had so much fun! The crop itself wasn't great but hanging out with your friends is always worth it. :) By the end of the night we wanted to take a group shot and I had a glob of ink all over my hand. I did a "jazz hands" pose because that ink was basically the ONLY thing I accomplished sitting there for over four hours!! We all started to laugh hysterically and then there were jazz hands all around. Can you say over tired? Ha! What a great night! :)
Thursday, July 30
{211/365} Each summer when I go back to CKC with my Mom, I'm amazed that a year has passed! I choose to go from Thursday through Saturday so I have Sunday to organize my stuff and hang out with the family. While we always take classes and shop on Friday and Saturday, Thursdays are different each year. In 2006 we took some classes and spent the evening working on my CK Layout project. The following year we took classes and then the Thursday night crop. Last year they stopped offering classes so we hung out and I put finishing touches on my Paper Crafts Contest entry and this year I finished my entry. Honestly, I don't have to be occupied every moment. It's nice just to get away with my Mom without a care in the world!