Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wednesday, December 9
{343/365} In 1993, Frank and I moved into Manhattan. We lived in a very small one bedroom on the Upper East Side and certainly couldn't fit a Christmas tree in that tiny place. So, along with a Menorah, my Mom bought us a miniature Christmas tree. That year we purchased some small, tacky, drug store ornaments that we dated and loved. :) When we moved into a larger apartment around 1995 (I use the term "larger" loosely) we could fit a bigger tree. On it we placed two years worth of drug store ornaments and in addition we bought an equally tacky star for the top. We fondly named it the "Cha Cha" star. It was colorful and would blink and was a tacky mess...but we LOVED it! We used that star up until last Christmas when the darn thing died on us. :( After all of these years, Cha Cha was gone! I had no idea how to replace it until I came upon a sight for sore eyes in Target. Cha Cha's twin! The exact same style with a bit less "cha" since it only has white, blinking lights. That's OK, the tacky tradition lives on and we'll be proud to see our tree cha cha once again! :)

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