Monday, December 28, 2009

Thursday, December 17

{351/365} Liam was too young to really understand the concept of "presents" last year. This year was different. It started with the Santa box. At first, he just didn't understand the concept but after a few days when we would say..."it's time for the Santa box" he would just come running! As far as Hanukkah, the first night he seemed excited, little did he know there were seven nights ahead of him. By night number three, I would yell "present time", he would run over to the TV, shut it off and literally leap into his chair at the table. Oh the look on his face! Tonight he chose a small Elmo from the box (that's Emily's Kooky Pen) and opened up a case full of Cars cars (from the movie). It's night number seven and we got the best smile EVER!

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