Monday, December 28, 2009

Friday, December 18
{352/365} Tonight is the last night of Hanukkah and I got more of a gift than I bargained for. The night started off just fine, Emily and Liam received their gifts and we had our holiday "closing ceremony." ;) At 9pm I started to work on some cookie dough, tucking it away in the fridge to roll out next week. By 10:30 my little night owls were in bed and started to clean up the giant mess I had made. I used the Cuisinart for the dough, leaving the sharp blade in the cabinet. Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to secure the blade because when I reached in to put things away, out came the blade, hidden by some other items. The good news is that my pinkie is still in tact...the bad news? OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That darn blade slid across my entire finger sending me into a silent panic. I quickly wrapped up my hand, not wanting to see what I had done. My first thought, "if I have to go to the emergency room, who would watch my kids?"...I simply wouldn't go! Frank was an hour away but mom and her boyfriend Bob just happened to have been out late. As I waited for them to arrive, I held up my wrapped left hand while cleaning with my could they come over to this mess?? ;) Luckily I was not in need of stitches and while I'm very grateful for that, it does NOT take away the heebie jeebie factor! Not a fun night but I did learn my lesson...always keep you Cuisinart blade in a visible and secure location!

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