Sunday, December 27, 2009

Monday, December 7
{341/365} Today while shopping for candy and gingerbread houses I came across a bag of Munchos at the store. I haven't seen these chips in YEARS and I had to buy them! Just looking at them makes me laugh because they remind me of my childhood and my brothers. Tucked away in a box full of memories is a note written by my brother Mike. On October 14, 1984 (I was 14, Jay was 12 and Mike just turned 11) a note was quickly sent under my bedroom door. In Mike's handwriting it says..."Jodi, we are punisht and we are hungry. Please bring food. Love, Mike. P.S Bring munchos, drink, tape (what did he mean by tape??) and anything else you can find. P.P.S Jason says write back. P.P.S.S We are punisht because we couldn't get the leave thing (he means "leaf" thing) back where it is suposed to be and dad punisht us." Well, I have no idea what really happened to get them punished BUT I do know this is just about the cutest note ever and I'm glad I saved it! Needless to say, I don't remember if I did get them the Munchos and drink...but I'd like to think I did because I was the best big sister in the whole wide world. ;)

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