Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wednesday, December 2nd
{336/365} For some reason, one of my favorite things about Christmas is filling up the stockings. Again, since I'm Jewish I had no idea this was something Santa was supposed to do, so I sort of messed that up years ago. Regardless, I start gathering small gifts/candy/cute things for a few months and just toss them in the stocking bag for December. This year I realized that I bought way too much so I came up with a fun idea. In addition to the advent box, I put together Santa grab bag boxes. Each has a hole in the top (which will be covered with a flap of felt) so you can reach in but not see what you are getting. The boxes contain small gifts for each child...lip glosses, headbands, tiny frames, magnets, two larger gifts (the Glee soundtracks), etc. for Emily and small cars, wooden animals, holiday Weebles, etc. for Liam. One look at these tonight and both kids were just GIDDY with excitement!! It looks like this is something we'll do again next year. I'll have to start shopping for small gifts now...;)

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