Monday, December 28, 2009

Saturday, December 19
{353/365} On December 19, 2002 my 13 month old was quietly asleep in her crib while Frank watched TV and I scrapped Emily's first year. My brother Mike called around 10:30pm and that call would turn out to be the worst call I've ever received. My dad collapsed on the dance floor at this company holiday party...shortly after I was told that he couldn't be revived. That was dad, the rock of our family...was gone. There are still no words to describe the horror of that day or the literal numbness that I felt for a year afterward. How life would never be the same, the changes that have taken place in our family and that constant little empty feeling that still remains. On this day however, I chose a photo of my babies...a representation of all the good things in life. Each year on the Saturday before Christmas, the local fire department comes around with Santa on their truck, handing out candy canes to all of the wide eyed kids. THIS is what life is all about and on the worst of days when my mind wanders to the sadness of December 19th, I try to replace that image with the faces of the three sweetest little angels a mommy could have. :)

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