Sunday, December 27, 2009

Friday, December 4
{338/365} This summer Emily wanted to "grow something" but all I know how to grow are indoor herbs. When we went shopping for outdoor plants for the deck, Emily chose a nice red planter and the only herb seeds they had left...chivies. We planted these seeds in a pot and watered the darn thing when needed and not one move did it make! The plants I purchased thrived (I was proud of myself) but the red planter was just as sad as the look on Emily's face. So, while at Ikea last month we found these cool little planters. Each came with a seed packet (we bought one parsley, one chive and one basil) and some tightly packed, dry soil. A couple of weeks ago we finally got to "planting" our seeds and look at that...they are growing! The new triumphant look on Emily's face is priceless and she's very excited to watch our indoor "garden" grow!

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