Monday, December 28, 2009

Wednesday, December 23
{357/365} It's hard enough to lose a loved one during the holidays, but losing my dad only five days before his 57th birthday was like rubbing salt into a wound. :( I decided years ago, rather than mourn his death on this day, I would celebrate his life. As I always do, I went through my box of memories, looking at old notes and smiling as I took a whiff of Old Spice. I also decided to look through my "family memory" scrapbook that I put together in 2007. It took me years to get through it without breaking down but when I was finished, I made three copies (one for myself and one for each brother), each containing memories about our grandparents, parents, our house growing up, our dog, etc. Now I can look at this page with a smile on my face to go with the tears in my eyes. How lucky I was to have such a funny, intelligent and loving man as my father. We may have lost him seven years ago, but his memory will never fade away.

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